Why ETHOS Works
When Others Don't

ETHOS can be used as an adjunct to any method to boost its effectiveness

No Tapping or Points

ETHOS can be used invisibly as there are no physical movements except taking a step to one side & even that can be done mentally. NO tapping or points to know, NO lengthy scripts, software or tools needed.

Just your body's energy, plus easy anchors to the positive change you want. Perfect for all ages, and for folks who want to keep public use of change techniques, discreet.

Ultimate Compatibility

ETHOS was formulated to work WITH your existing healing & medical protocols. ETHOS enhances the effectiveness of any other method, such as Tapping, psychotherapy, medical or spiritual protocols you may be using.

ETHOS is very effective on its own, it can't interfere with other methods, and even JETPACKS the success of other protocols!

Built on Your Native OS

ETHOS enhances every other method you use it with and works when other methods don't, because it's built on HOW humans encode information in our neurology.

What we See, what we Hear and what we Feel are how we encode both positive and negative situations, illness & emotions. Best of all, ETHOS uses the innate Wisdom of your body to seamlessly enact change.

Ethos (ἠθικός) is a Greek word that means “moral character” and:

1. the underlying spirit  or genius of a community

2. An Open Source Energy Transformation & Healing technique in use since 2006

ETHOS is an acronym that stands for:


Transformation and


Open Source


The ETHOS Method is a free, configurable personal transformation and consciousness raising techology / energy healing technique that works uniquely well for fear, anger, sadness, trauma, negative thinking, physical symptoms and changing past, present and future.

ETHOS was created and developed by neuropsychologist and energy healer, Maryam Webster,. with creative participation by all ETHOS users.  Maryam continues to guide ongoing development with holistic input from the entire ETHOS Community.

Our go-to in developing ETHOS is not how to make it more complicated, but indeed, how to make it even simpler under the guiding principle: “It must work for the illiterate as well as college educated, for the goat-herd as well as the CEO.”


Why ETHOS, When There Are Many Other Energy Therapies?

1) ETHOS was created to address the needs for a well-working personal transformation vehicle that cut across cultures in being non-dependent upon:

  • beliefs
  • phrasing
  • viewpoint
  • education
  • personal history
  • physical energy channels (no tapping/acupoints/meridians)
  • or spiritual preference

2)  Seasoned therapists and coaches reading know that no one method works for 100% of the people, 100% of the time.   Even energy methods touted as “be-all, end-all” have notable failures that are generally under-reported and not given full disclosure in the method’s effectiveness statements. Both ETHOS Method creator Maryam Webster and each one of the professional community contributors experienced such occasional failures personally, as have their clients.

Nothing is a “magic bullet”, but with application, ETHOS can significantly narrow the effectiveness gap.  

Maryam committed to finding a way to make an energy-based personal improvement method have more traction and permanent results. Her research found the usual reasons cited for failure (eg; misapplication or lack of persistence – which are typically downplayed as “user fault” rather than “method fault”) while valid, are by far not the only reasons for such failure.   Several OTHER major reasons for energy therapy failure were not being addressed, so Maryam created ETHOS to close this gap in effectiveness.

ETHOS itself is not a be-all, end-all method, but one that  provides the average user
ways of being highly effective immediately upon learning, and can be used to…

  • STRENGTHEN and FINER POINT your results with other energy therapies
  • Increases results with Consciousness Raising tools to dig deeper and really PULL YOU UP
  • SUPER POWER your work with medical programs as a patient or practitioner
  • Instantly and INVISIBLY transform, even in public and WITHOUT TAPPING

3) The prime directive of most of the existing energy therapies today lacks the one major dimension that automatically ensures a higher rate not only of effectiveness, but personal evolution. Creating an energy transformation method with a prime directive of  “no limitation” has significantly increased its effective range, speed and scope.

4) In the wake of restrictive licensing and usage constraints now found in some helping methods, the need was felt to bring the best elements of many together with new tools into an entirely new form – one that will never be restricted, that is open for public use to people worldwide. This is the essence of the term “open source”.


If you like Emotional Freedom Technique, Be Set Free Fast, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Acupressure,  ZPoint Process, Touch For Health,  Educational Kinesiology,  Therapeutic Touch, Neurolinguistic Programming, Quantum Touch, Body Talk and similar methods, you’ll love ETHOS.


Download the ETHOS Quickstart Kit at: http://ethosmethod.com/quickstart/

Who Can Use ETHOS?

ETHOS is a Free Gift To The World.

The world desperately needs a fast and easy energy therapy people don’t have to worry about license or certification to use, teach and profit from if they wish.


  • The “Open Source” designation in the title indicates that the “source code” behind ETHOS is freely available to all
  • You don’t have to speak a certain language, or overcome cultural or religious barriers to use ETHOS
  • You can use it if you have amputated limbs and are missing acupoints or ends of meridians or can’t reach points
  • ETHOS is entirely culture-free and barrier-free – use it in your own language
  • ETHOS is easy enough for children through seniors to learn, use and benefit from
  • And…you won’t pay a dime, euro, yen or whatever currency your country uses for it
  • It’s Seriously Free. Just use it, teach it and tell everyone you know to come download it here


Nor will you need to sign an expensive and restrictive contract, and ETHOS will never be limited only to those with certain educational distinctions.


ETHOS is truly a healing method “of the people, by the people and for the people”.


You’re welcome to use ETHOS to heal and transform your own life and those of others, to teach and heal others, to make money with ETHOS if that’s what you decide you want to do.


u won’t be restricted from speaking about ETHOS, writing about it or teaching it. Share the love freely!


Sounds great! Are There ANY Restrictions?

The only thing that Maryam and the ETHOS community of practitioners  ask is that you:

  • Abide by our posted, reasonable Code of Ethics
  • Assume your own liability, and use ETHOS under the restrictions of your own profession
  • Be truthful in claims about your experience with ETHOS, your own training & licensure



1. We cannot be responsible for what you choose to do with this powerful technique.

It can change your life if you let it, and bring you and those you love and teach great happiness. Though no side effects but extreme relaxation have been reported, ETHOS is not a magic bullet and like all energy therapies is not purported to “cure” anything in specific.

2. You agree not to make any misleading claims about the ability of ETHOS to “cure” anything and practice within the scope of your primary profession (eg; doctor, mental health therapist, teacher, coach etc).

Misleading claims are not supported by the ETHOS Method’s creator, Maryam Webster, and are specifically prohibited in your use of the method. Be truthful in claims about your experience with ETHOS, your own training & licensure.

3. You agree to abide by the ETHOS Code of Ethics as listed at this site. Click the link to read.

4. You agree to abide by the terms of the ETHOS Method License agreement. ETHOS is free and completely open source however is under constant fractional development. You agree in downloading and practicing ETHOS that you MUST send all students and other referrals to this website to download the current ETHOS Manual. We are adding new content this year, so get ready for fun stuff!

Your use of ETHOS  past these few simple rules is governed by our extremely liberal Creative Commons License:

The ETHOS Method by Maryam Webster is licensed: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Creative Commons License


What This License Means

You may use this method in any way you choose provided you agree that the body of ETHOS Practitioners and method creator Maryam Webster are not individually or collectively responsible for ANY results of your use, tutorial or broadcast of this method. In other words:

  • You can feel free to use ETHOS, teach it, make money with it and achieve extraordinary success
  • There is and will be no certification program, licensure or registration necessary for use of this method
  • Tutorial files at the ETHOS site will provide all the instructions necessary to  both teach and use ETHOS
  • Institutions and individuals alike may freely use ETHOS but must credit this site, and method creator, Maryam Webster
  • You may use ETHOS in conjunction with any other methods you like for the effectiveness you desire personally and with clients, and may teach ETHOS to as many people as you like – no fees or strings attached


What IS “The Method” Then?

The Method is comprised of three quick cues to the subconscious mind and body plus an upgrade to the energy system that brings greater consciousness to whatever problem you are working on.


We say “welcome home” because you are coming home to the original state you entered this world, a perfect energetic template of you we call the “Infinite Self”.


This is the You at Peace and At Choice, breathing deeply and calmly, without any problems, worries, coping behaviors or anything else overlaid on top of it. This is the you that knows how to plug directly into the vast field of energy we swim in and do anything you need to have done.


This is the Infinite You, that will heal and make you whole again.


To find out how to do this easily, and invoke great joy into your entire body, mind and spirit, join the now over 30.000 ETHOS users worldwide and you’ll automatically have access to the tutorial pdf, audio class with ETHOS creator Maryam Webster, plus updates, free classes in the Evolutionary Living Club on Clubhouse and Symptom Specific classes.




What ETHOS Practitioners Say

ETHOS is in use in over fifteen countries worldwide and by professionals
as well as lay practitioners. Here are a few of the triumphs they've shared
Cynthia S.

Cynthia S.

Mental Health Therapist, USA

"I've taught every client I've seen since the workshop, and they all love ETHOS - particularly effective for trauma processing and Inner Child work and family systems re-processing. I love it, and even my 6 year old is an "ETHOS Jedi" as he says. Thanks Maryam, ETHOS has made all the difference."

Stefan D.

Stefan D.

Trauma Care Nurse, Spain

"I work with families every day who are facing the death or serious illness of a loved one. ETHOS has helped me to help them find a place of calm and peace, despite the circumstances. I've even used it to "sedate" a patient during a psychotic break. ETHOS has become a staple in our Trauma Care unit for good reason."

Johanna M.

Johanna M.

Corporate Accountant, Norway

"Thank you for making it painless, & so beautifully pleasant to process our "emotional sewage" as you put it. In processing a trauma, m therapist suggestyed I support myself with ETHOS. A week later using the Shadow Work expansion, I was completely free of a bad memory that had made my life miserable for years. I LOVE ETHOS! Tusen takk!"