The ETHOS Method Code Of Ethics

The purpose for this Code of Ethics is to support a culture of openness, trust, and integrity in all teachers and practitioner/developers of the ETHOS Method. While we cannot act as a reference (or police force) for individual practitioners, by virtue of practicing or teaching ETHOS to others, the individual warrants that they value:


We pursue our mission as practitioners/method developers to practice this open source energy therapy method with honor, fairness and respect for the individual, mindful that there is no one “right way”. We are committed to act in good faith, and to be impeccable with our words and deeds to each other, and with all people.


We are dedicated to healing ourselves and others, and are fueled in this by a diversity of thought and action, each according to their own means and needs. We serve members of all the communities in which we live and work, and especially those in need we would like to help, but cannot reach physically. Our intent is for ETHOS to spread a wave of healing around the globe, and bring each individual and institution to a higher state of consciousness and inner peace.

Personal Excellence

As practitioners and developers of ETHOS, we believe that striving to be the best in our work, our relationships, our ideas and our services is the greatest demonstration of our pledge to worldwide personal transformation and inner peace. This is furthered by adherance to our Code of Ethics, below.

Code of Ethics

Those using The ETHOS Method for their own enlightenment and healing or in teaching and/or coaching others must:

  • Be honest and ethical in their conduct, including ethical handling of conflicts of interest in personal and professional relationships.
  • Fully disclose their prior training, relevant degrees, licenses or certificates to those they coach or provide any kind of services using ETHOS.
  • Comply with applicable government laws regulating provision of helping services, and know what these are for your region.
  • Not provide services for which they are not trained or licensed.
  • Be impeccable with their word in general, and anywhere ETHOS is used or mentioned in specific.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by their clients, except when authorized or otherwise legally obligated to disclose.
  • Provide each person they teach or coach using ETHOS, with The ETHOS Method website URL, and any relevant updates as listed on the site.
  • Provide clients with accurate information on what ETHOS is, and what it can and cannot do that is objective and understandable to each individual client.
  • Behave in a collegial and professional manner with regard to other ETHOS teachers/practitioners, and practitioners of similar methods.
  • Proactively promote ethical behavior as a responsible partner among peers in the ETHOS user community.

Those agreeing to this ETHOS Code of Ethics and who have practiced ETHOS on themselves in a “try it on everything” manner for ninety days, are welcome to call themselves ETHOS Practitioners and add ETHOS to their professional menu of services. Those who have practiced additionally with others for a full year and seen at least 75 different clients are welcome to call themselves ETHOS Teachers.


There is no “ETHOS Master” or “Certified ETHOS Practitioner” designation at this time. We have seen several websites claiming this, those claims are false. Neither Maryam Webster nor the ETHOS Community can be held liable for such claims – please use your own common sense when contacting practitioners and ask for several references.